Troy Thibodeaux

Does dark or light rum go with smoked cheese...I can't remember?
Pigeon, or maybe a dove

Here's a pigeon I took a picture of on my fence in the backyard. Enjoy

Working from home
I usually work from home a couple of times a month anyway, but now that I have to work from home it feels weird.

New Song...maybe
I worked on a new song for about an hour or so. I have the music for verses, chorus, and lyrics for both. I worked on some transitions coming in and out of both, and felt a sense of accomplishment after, but the problem is that I'm not sure if it's good or not. It sounds like a weird thing to say, I know. How could I not know if it's good? I mean, I know it's good, as in, it doesn't suck, but is it appealing to the senses. Is it interesting? Is it compelling? I can't see the forest for the trees.

I have tons of examples of song ideas like this, where I have to step back. Sometimes weeks go by before I listen back and decide on a song idea's validity. Unfortunately, if too much time goes by, I either forget about it, or I consciously or subconsciously decide that it must not be worth pursing if I have not gone back to it and reevaluate by now.

I have done this for years. Below is a glimpse of my archives. In 2001 I bought my first MP3 player which had a record function, so that's where the digital era begone, but I have a bunch of old cassette tapes of ideas going back years.

I actually HAD cassette tapes from the very beginning of when I first started to learn to play guitar (1978 ish), and quickly tried to write songs, but those tapes are gone.

I do have an example of one of those early songs. Somewhere around 1986 I recorded one of those songs. At that point I still remembered how the song went, and had the lyrics written down. This is a 4-track cassette recording, with me playing drums (poorly). I added harmonies and a guitar solo, and other things that at the time I wrote the song, had no idea how to do.

The Edge of Happiness

Stir Crazy?
Almost convinced myself that I'm already going stir crazy, even though I'm doing stuff I always do. Worked on new song, played terrible version of "All Mixed Up", workout in the garage, laundry, freelance work, etc. Might change, but I need to enjoy the cushy life I have right now.
Dallas mayor bans public gatherings of more than 500 people
Not debating if it's wrong/right, but does a mayor have power to ban public gatherings? Is that not a constitutional right (assembly)?
The Media
Google says coronavirus tool in "early stages" of development after Trump announcement
- The Hill

Contrary to Trump's claim, Google is not building a nationwide coronavirus screening website
- The Verge

Google says it's not publishing a national-scale coronavirus site anytime soon after Trump announcement

Google teams with white house to ready coronavirus testing website.
- The Motley Fool




No, but maybe yes, maybe no

I nailed a great parking spot at work this morning.
I guess I should work from home, as I do from time-to-time anyway. It's so quiet and weird in the office.
Fun 49th Vibration show at the Cleburne Railroaders game

49th Vibration played after the Cleburne Railroaders game. It was a Breast Cancer Can Stick it! fundraiser. We had a great time, and although it was a small ground that hung around after the game, they were into the music, and so were we.
New Years Goals - books
Well, I'm not exactly "on track" with my goals, but I have time to recover. One goal was to read six books this year. I made these goals with a group of friends who also did the same, and within the group it has been decided that audio books do qualify as "reading" books. That being said, I have completed one audio book, and I have started two others.

"The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels" by Alex Epstein

Thanks to Google Rewards I was able to buy this audio book for free. Well, not free, as it did cost me my  time to take quite a few short surveys, but it seemed worth it.

The book was fascinating and eye-opening. I saw an interview with the author, Alex Epstein, on The Rubin Report, which is a Google Channel/Podcast by David Rubin, who I discovered through the Intellectual Dark Web. Epstein's case was compelling and led me to buy his book.

I have started two other (paper) books.

"Five Proofs of the Existence of God" by Edward Feser

My interest in this book came by way of an interview Ben Shapiro did with the author, Edward Feser. This book looks at natural theology and rational reasons for the existence of God.

Edward Feser | The Ben Shapiro Show

"Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman

I've watch many a YouTube video with Milton Friedman and always appreciated his logical and fact-based advocacy of Capitalism and the free market system, and how this relates to personal freedom and liberty.

Milton Friedman Speaks - Is Capitalism Humane?