Troy Thibodeaux

Heck yea I'm excited about my purchase. Jack Miller's BBQ sauce is on the way.

Most of my house and car DIY projects don't go smoothly
Most of my house and car DIY projects don't go smoothly. Most times they are successful, but it can be a challenge, even with the apparently "simple" ones. I'll take this easy win.

I know, I want credit for that?

Taxing a tax
I bought a dishwasher a while back and there was a $15 environmental fee. If I am to assume that is a government fee that is passed along to the consumer, then why was it added pre tax? I paid sales tax on this fee. How is this OK?
Government deciding on what is "essential" sounds a lot like "to each according to his need"
Another new song in the works
I am collaborating with Robbie on a new song. We've been sending ideas back and worth and it's really coming along. It's a fun thing to do, and will hopefully produce an interesting tune. So good, so far.
Enjoying Earth Day
Enjoying Earth Day by driving my SUV, eating as much as I want, and keeping my home at 72 degrees.
Does dark or light rum go with smoked cheese...I can't remember?
Pigeon, or maybe a dove

Here's a pigeon I took a picture of on my fence in the backyard. Enjoy

Working from home
I usually work from home a couple of times a month anyway, but now that I have to work from home it feels weird.

New Song...maybe
I worked on a new song for about an hour or so. I have the music for verses, chorus, and lyrics for both. I worked on some transitions coming in and out of both, and felt a sense of accomplishment after, but the problem is that I'm not sure if it's good or not. It sounds like a weird thing to say, I know. How could I not know if it's good? I mean, I know it's good, as in, it doesn't suck, but is it appealing to the senses. Is it interesting? Is it compelling? I can't see the forest for the trees.

I have tons of examples of song ideas like this, where I have to step back. Sometimes weeks go by before I listen back and decide on a song idea's validity. Unfortunately, if too much time goes by, I either forget about it, or I consciously or subconsciously decide that it must not be worth pursing if I have not gone back to it and reevaluate by now.

I have done this for years. Below is a glimpse of my archives. In 2001 I bought my first MP3 player which had a record function, so that's where the digital era begone, but I have a bunch of old cassette tapes of ideas going back years.

I actually HAD cassette tapes from the very beginning of when I first started to learn to play guitar (1978 ish), and quickly tried to write songs, but those tapes are gone.

I do have an example of one of those early songs. Somewhere around 1986 I recorded one of those songs. At that point I still remembered how the song went, and had the lyrics written down. This is a 4-track cassette recording, with me playing drums (poorly). I added harmonies and a guitar solo, and other things that at the time I wrote the song, had no idea how to do.

The Edge of Happiness